Maximise Profits &
Improve Cashflow

By swapping your existing stock for the things you need through our barter trading program


How it works


Sell Your Surplass Inventory

     We promote your goods and services to
over 50,000 members worldwide who take
the products they have to trade up to other
products they need


Receive BBX Trade Credit (BTC)

     The buyer pays you with BTC which
credits your account. Receive 1 BTC for each
Thai Baht of goods or services sold.


Buy things you need from other

       Trade up to the products you need using
BTC saving cash, improving your cashflow
and maximising profits



  • Easily trade your stock for the things you need
  • Maximise occupancy or utilisation rate
  • Reduce cash expense
  • Gain new customers
  • Free promotion to our members Worldwide
  • Interest free line of BTC credit


bbx testimonialWeerawan Jitlekha
De Ja Moon Cafe

“BBX has helped reduce my business expenses and increased my working capital in the business from trading with other BBX members. This is particularly helpful to fill in the gaps in low season.”

7-01Gemma Purnell
PDS Consulting

“BBX has helped me to grow the business, helped me to network and make business contacts. BBX is a great organisation to be part of, I would recommend any business to join and become part of the BBX family.”

20-01Siggi Palsson
Hiemsflakk Co Ltd

“I have purchased things I need for the upkeep and furnishing of my rental condos.

I have nothing but good things to say about BBX.
It has really helped my business.”

Case Studies






Weerawan runs a hotel with an average occupancy rate of 65% By selling rooms on BBX during quiet periods, she rescues value from the empty rooms which would have otherwise been lost. She then spends her BBX Trade Credit for an advert on the local TV, which brings cash paying customers to the hotel restaurant.”






“Surapong needs to buy a new truck for his business to manage deliveries. He uses his BTC balance and available line of credit to pay a 25% downpayment, with the remainder in cash on finance. He then continues taking jobs from BBX members to clear his BTC balance, which costs him far less in cash than the 25% downpayment he saved.”