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BBX Supporting Your Journey To Buy or Sell Property

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Are you a property developer looking for a solution to streamline your projects?

BBX has a buyers pool of over 1,000 investors ready to buy your property!

Developers are using BBX strategically to access a network of Australian Business owners, who are actively using BBX to grow their business and investment portfolio.  Creating opportunities unparalleled in the cash economy, BBX gives you the competitive edge to sell your properties quickly, without having to reduce your sales price and without huge marketing expenses.

Consider this...

"A Developer was marketing a townhouse subdivision in Sydney.  To expedite the sale of all units in the development, the developer listed the remaining units with a BBX Trade deposit of 30% of the selling price.  In only a few months the entire development was sold down with BBX members purchasing a large number of them, and without the developer having to reduce the selling price to gain a quick sale!"

This solution provided the developers and investors with a fantastic return on their investment, saving cash on holding expenses by selling the development much quicker than in the cash economy, without the huge marketing and sales expenses normally associated with a development of this size.  The Trade Credits earned through the sale of the units are being used to reduce some of the cash expenses of future developments, saving cash on marketing expenses, buying materials and new equipment as well as hospitality and entertainment expenses for investors and clients.

  • Achieve consistent off the plan sales to its established buyer pool
  • Connect you to quality project supply chains using BBX Digital Trade Credit (DTC) purchasing power
  • Sell remaining development stock fast, allowing you to comfortably move to your next project
  • Provide INTEREST FREE deposits to help purchase development sites


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Invest in property by trading your goods and services!

Here's a typical example of how you could
leverage your Trade Credits into an investment property.  See Here



BBX gives you the competitive edge to sell your properties quickly

The BBX team will coordinate the settlement of your
property sales and cultivate your development eco-system 
within the BBX community

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BBX has the answer!

  • Help & Support 

    Property. Any funds in the Debt Reserve Fund remain the property of the account holders at all times and do not under any circumstances vest in BBX International Ltd. or any manager from time to time. Partnership with financial are available to help the buying of property process. Any shortfall in the Debt Reserve Fund remains equally with all current account holders of the exchange.

  • Terms & Conditions: 

    SPECIAL CREDIT LIMIT An Account Holder may apply at any time for a Special Credit Limit, however an oer of a registered mortgage over real property or property or a charge or registered bill of sale over a tangible asset owned by the Account Holder or any other party (prescribed security) must accompany the application.