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What Is BBX?

BBX stands for Business to Business Exchange.
BBX is like a global chamber of commerce with thousands of members.

BBX is a solutions provider that helps businesses manage cash flow and gain new customers. Established in 1993, we are a B2B community builder with a focus on the customer experience using digital credits as settlements for trade transactions.

BBX acts as a third party record keeper & trade facilitator for the trusted digital credit known as the BBX Trade Credit (BTC). Its members use the trade credit to settle transactions on the platform. 

Business operators trade goods and services with other members in exchange for BBX Trade Credit (BTC); they then use these BBX Trade Credits to pay for what they need. 

BBX alternative currency is registered with the ATO and corporations are required to treat it as cash for GST and accounting purposes.
BBX at a Glance  
Corporate HQ

BBX Holdings Pte Ltd
138 Robinson Road, #11-02 Oxley Tower. Singapore 068906

Company Users/Members 20,000+  
Goods & Services Account Listings
Operating Markets Australia, China, Costa Rica, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, UK.  



Everything you need in ONE simple account

  • + Sophisticated systems & resources to:
    • ~ Promotes your spare capacity into the global BBX network.
    • ~ Saves cash in your business or improves your lifestyle by connecting you with suppliers of goods and services in the BBX network.
    • ~ Networks you with fellow business owners on the platform and shares trading tips.
  • + An interest free credit line in BBXTC.
  • + Guaranteed extra business. The only way you repay any purchase is by the sale of your spare capacity.
  • + Earn a monthly residual CASH income by spreading the BBX word.
  • + No account receivable or no bad debt as every transaction is guaranteed, provided authorization is obtained.
  • + Opportunity to network with thousands of like-minded business owners.

What is Spare Capacity?

Spare capacity is the ability to take on more business without increasing fixed costs.

Regardless of the size or number of years you are in business, every company has some form of “unsold time”, “slow-moving stock” or “unsold hotel rooms” or “empty seats at restaurants” known as Spare Capacity

Learn how to turn downtime and potential wastage into a new revenue stream and asset.

Spare Capacity is the ability to take on more business without increasing FIXED COSTS. It is perishable and if not captured you can never get it back.”

Membership Option


Sign up Fees RM2,000
Transaction Fees 6% cash + 1% BBXTC
Annual Fees RM250 + BBXTC150 (BBX Trade Credits)
Annual Debt Reserve Fee (DRF) BBXTC240
(Looks confusing! Will explain further during FREE no obligation consultation/event)

BBX provides you a membership with various benefits. Based on our verification process, we will offer you the right membership option. Our representatives will be happy to share in greater detail the benefits of membership.

How do i know if BBX is RIGHT for my business?

Unless your business is operating at full capacity and you do not need more customers, BBX is for you and will assist you and your business in many ways.

Our Guarantee to You

At BBX we want you to know we take our member’s commitment and values very seriously. Therefore we have in place a commitment to you and your one off lifetime investment fee for membership with BBX. We undertake to you a guarantee of your payment for membership with a 100% refund policy to the same value of your membership. If after twelve months of your membership and you have not received the same value or more in new business through BBX trade via new sales through our trading program, we will refund your membership cash fee investment to the same value in BBX T$.

What Will You Gain

Monetize spare capacity in your business
Embrace technologies
♦ Trade digitally & globally
♦ Jump onto O2O bandwagon
♦ Rise above the competition
♦ Guaranteed new customers
♦ Access to marketing support
♦ Interest FREE line of BTC credit
♦ Real-time transaction process any trade with other Members
♦ Free Networking, products/services showcase for our exclusive members

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