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BBX is a solutions provider that helps businesses manage cash flow and gain new customers. Established in 1993, we are a B2B community builder with a focus on the customer experience using digital credits as settlements for trade transactions. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional and personal conduct. We act with transparency with regards to our business practices.

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Here's what our customers have to say

I certainly recommend BBX, we saw the advantages of a global trading program as BBX is operated in a number of countries. I’ve been using BBX to get services for, say, transcriptions from Britain. 
Lance Alfred Scoular
Director, Key Directions
I’ve spent a lot of BBX trade dollars on some of my essential services like wine, some of the groceries – lots of meat, and fruit and veg, and other basic expenses like security, cleaning, bookkeeping, legal fees, so a pretty good cross-section.
Andrew Mcelhone
Owner, Sage Cafe Restaurant & Pizzeria
BBX has enabled me to make some sales that I would not have been able to make on the cash market. Give BBX an opportunity and see how it can assist them to make more sales in their business.
Roz Ingles
Director, COAST 2 COAST Realty
BBX has given me the opportunity to spread out my wings. With members living all over the state I have become a specialist in South Australia and not just a few suburbs. The biggest benefit also saving our buyer from a bundle of cold hard cash when they spend in BBX dollars.
Eriks Draiska
Director, Plaza Real Estate

I’ve been with BBX for 20 years. In those 20 years, I used BBX mostly for my networking purposes. How did I do that? I would accept every job that there is on trade and while we are performing and carrying out this project for each customer of trade we usually finish up doing the work next door – on both sides of the door. So, one particular instance, we actually started with one shop and then finished up doing every shop in that shopping centre. Of course, needless to say, that every other shop was in the cash market, not in the trade market. But if I wasn’t there, to begin with on trade I would have never gotten that business.

John Ghetto
Director, Bright Lights Pty

We have been with BBX since 2012 and have witnessed, how BBX has grown tremendously in past few years. Hats off to Anis and BBX Team NZ.



Anukar Prasad
Aavis Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd

BBX NZ has helped me a lot in my business. I would highly recommend all businesses to join BBX and try it out now. It's great.

Xiaoming (Leo) Chen
Topp Travelware Ltd

What a great team to work with, especially Anis. 3Di is committed to trade in access of one million dollars trading in the year 2020 with BBX

Prasad Seelam
3Di Limeted