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Making cause to support non-profit organisation, donation, and charities all together. Whatever you can do – big or small, once or regularly – will be truly valued and appreciated. We believe that your trade credits  benefits you and your business in all sort of CSR program.

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Charities for a greater impact 

The best way to give your business the balanced money management it needs is believing in the same causes that inspire you.


Get a Tax Deduction

This is a win-win solution, most of non-profit organisation are IRS- approved charity. To learn on your donation and reducing the amount on your tax, here are some lists you would like to explore


Maintain In CSR Programs

CorporateSocial Responsibility opportunities in Australia.There are many benefits of CSR for the company including customer trust, ethical conducts, and many more. Significantly observed in the long run. 


Benefits of donating trade credits

This eliminates the incentive to all commit cash related operations, the ease of transaction through platform payment modes. Resulting to increase your revenue, improve operational efficiency and lower operating cost.


Be Part Of The Change

The adoption of our digital cashless payment will affect your day-to-day business operations.


Improve Personal Money Management 

Partner with an highly visible charity with a passionate and greater-cause empower you and your business to involve in both personal and corporate. Participate and expose your good deeds!


Welcome to your journey as our donator, it is very easy and seamless for you to start contribute back to those who are in need.

BBX acts as a third party record keeper for the trusted digital credit, our member use a BBX Trade Credit. You can start utilise this trade credit to settle transactions on donation and charities on our platform. In doing so it allows the value of each item traded to have its worth recorded and upheld in your account. 

Therefore the advantages for you as a business owner, is that you can use this value instead of your operational cash. In the network, we assists you by selecting which cause you would like to donate to.

Established in 1993, we are a B2B community builder with a focus on the customer experience using digital credits as settlements for trade transactions.


BBX acts as a third party and internal platform to transfer, send, and receive trade credits. If you are a charity and foundations that would like to get help and support from our partner and membership, sign up to be our member as part of our community opportunities.

A Trade Dollar or BBX Trade Dollar is an accounting unit (notionally equivalent to one Monetary Unit) used to record the value of goods and services Traded. Trade Dollars are not legal tender, securities, debentures or commodities. In these Rules, the cash equivalent of one Trade Dollar is one Monetary Unit in the relevant international jurisdiction.

Countries of operation include China, Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Costa Rica, South Korea and Thailand.

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BBX has helped me in many ways! From everyone coming through the office here at BBX through the doors, phone calls, emails, it’s all changed significantly. They created a great network, it’s freed me up to get out and about a little bit more than I used to be able to, and with business, it tends to be more streamlined having trade coordinators and so on backing me up all the way!

Andrew Duncan

Aid Vanuatu


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100% BBX. All Trades are to be conducted on a one hundred percent (100%) BBX basis unless the charity Member has, from time to time, at its absolute discretion, transfer Trade credits from an account of a Member to an associated account of the Member so as to ensure that the trading of that Member is within its trade limits.

Explore Associations, Charities & Foundation